We are out of town for the weekend to a couple’s retreat in Oregon, Illinois. Dinner cruise on the Rock R and all that. And, some of the work has picked up so my time is all of a sudden at a premium; thus a few days off from posting on HealthiER Living blog.

Stay sharp, eat what you like in smaller volume, pick up your physical workouts to make up for me being gone (oh great, now there’s THAT pressure). See you next week.

The weather is finally at parody in Chicagoland. If it is nicer out where you live, grill out every night.

For Gia, grill out on the boat.

For Christal, stay in doors and enjoy the peaches. Slice them up in a bowl, cover them with a paper towel and stick them in the fridge for an hour.

For Mom and Dad, do whatever it is you have been doing. You guys look FffaaAAbulous.

For Deb, stay with it. You’ve come so far, you’re doing great!

For Mario and April, hope to see you at Trader Joe’s by accident soon.

For Bex, the same.

For all you Democrats that got fooled by me when I announced for weeks that you all vote today (Wednesday) and Republicans had to vote first in their primaries on Tuesday, no apologies. Gullible is as gullible does.

For all you Republicans who turned out in record numbers yesterday for your respective congressional primaries because you are willing to do something about the mess we’re in, congrats for turning out so many incumbant Democrats and even a few Republican Rhinos.


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Sweat is Not Enough

Prepare to succeed and you are likely to.

“Army Basic Training is demanding.  Prepare yourself for Boot Camp, mentally and physically.  Set yourself up for success – excel at your new military career!”

Army Basic Training; The Ultimate Preparation

The above is the leading sentence from the BaseOpps Army web site for raw recruits. Even the US Army realizes (and pretty much always has) the importance of preparing one’s mind for difficult changes.

We who have been fat foodies and are wanting to change our shape and become thin foodies, are asking our bodies to achieve something so difficult and rewarding that most who attempt this change do not succeed completely. Many fail, and the bulk of the rest settle for less.

Why is succeeding at this weight loss-shape change thing so difficult? Because we are attempting something on the scale of a boot camp experience that has many hurdles built against it from the start with none of the support that Army recruits enjoy.

  1. Boot Camp is only for 9 weeks.
  2. Boot Camp is experienced together with like-minded individuals who all have a Failure is not an option attitude.
  3. The alternative to finishing at Army Basic is so devastating that most find new character from within that they didn’t know they had, and change their very personality such that their own parents don’t even recognize them at week 7.
  4. The payoff is a lifetime achievement award unmatched by anything else the world can offer.
  5. Boot camp is only for the young and fit. Even somebody who is determined as “too shy” can be submitted for Administrative Discharge. But, we who are going through our own boot camp experience are not young and fit. We don’t have the luxury of living in an eighteen year old body with well lubricated and cushioned knees, a flat stomach and a strong back.
  6. Boot Camp is a paid gig. The raw recruit’s full time job is getting more fit while learning new trades and self defense techniques. It’s like the world’s best fitness plan. But, we have to do this all on our spare time and it actually costs us money instead of earning us an income.
  7. Boot Camp teaches one how to effectively defend one’s self and how to kill; and they are even issued a brand new gun. The fat foodie losing weight however, is not issued a gun. This is probably a good thing.

To enter into this daily battle against the comfortable old self, we need to prepare daily. This means that the morning bike ride doesn’t start at 7am. It starts the night before.

What you eat at dinner, snack on at midnight and how you sleep, strongly determines how well you will exercise the next morning or if you will even show up.

Pro Trainer Tony Estrada. Better photos on the way.

My friend and “trainer” Tony Estrada (the word trainer is in quotes because I don’t pay him, he is not available to

Palos path, south Chicago suburbs

 me on a regular basis, and we don’t even see each other for months at a time. He only “trains” me as I ask questions and really was only largely instrumental in getting me started on the right foot) has often been in a running mode where he runs difficult courses on a regular schedule. In his proverbial back yard in the south suburbs of Chicago is a smallish ski and toboggan run. During the non skiing months it is a favorite for path runners. This is not your average twelve minute light jog. It is a determined and prepared person who is already fit who takes on runs like these.

What would be a major, massive heart attack inducing task for me is nothing but a weekly fitness outing for him.

When we went on a business meeting together to Provo Utah, he talked about running “The Y Path”. It’s like the toboggan run times ten. This rough terrain switchback can be seen from space. Leading from the foot of Brigham Young University’s neighborhood up to this giant Y (think Hollywood in the hills) planted in the foothills of the Uinta National Forest, hiking up this path with the benefit of my spring loaded walking sticks would still take me hours.

Tony talked about this little morning hike/run long before the event. We all knew he was doing it more than a day before the event. While I was sitting in my car eating a sausage biscuit early Saturday morning, I knew that Tony was running up this broad but rugged dirt and rock path towards his Y.

Tony planned for it by bringing the right gear on this business trip, talking it up to those around him, eating and sleeping a different way Friday night before, and getting up early in order to allow him enough time to accomplish it before Saturday’s morning business briefings.

Tony, a professional and fit trainer, did all of this preparation; preparation that was not seemingly necessary for a young man who is already fit and motivated. But, he did it anyway. And, I know from his later dialogue about it that he enjoyed it. Tony eats these events like I do sushi from Todai’s in Schaumburg.

Exercising is an event. The morning jog or bike ride needs to be an event that we can look forward to, enjoy while doing it, and remember with like after it’s over.

Liking a difficult thing is a sign of maturity. Difficult things take preparation where most simple things do not. It takes a whole lot of nothing to plop down on the couch and thumb the remote. And, I am living the results to prove it, while Tony is living the results of his preparation of hard things.

Find things in your hard tasks that you can like. For guys, it’s easy to get caught up in the gear for the task. This has happened to me.

I own not one expensive bike, but two of them.

On my main bike, a Sedona, I have a wireless bike computer that records and reports miles, grade percentages, time and trends. I also have a mounted tire pump, a drink holder and a rack on the back that holds a very nice expandable bike bag for our day trips. There is also a smaller front gear pouch in front of the handlebars that holds my Blackberry, whistle, compass, car keys, and camera. The front forks are dual shocked against road vibration and calibrated for gravel and hardpan while the seat is mounted on an adjustable shock absorbing post.

On my person I have a pair of padded bike shorts (very long, past my knees, very lose fitting) under which I often wear long, lose fitting ultra light bush pants. I wear Underarmor self wicking shirts under my lose fitting cotton shirts of choice; usually with important messages like, Stop Communism Again with a picture of Hillary crossed out, or the My Company Increased a Client’s Sales by 30% bright yellow shirt, or the Old School Conservative, Reagan grey t-shirt. I wear Redhead wool extra padded lifetime socks, and rebook or sketcher bike shoes. My blue streaked safety helmet is a Bell which I often leave in the truck for my old orange canvas biking cap. I own several types of side view mirrors that clip on hats or glasses. I wear padded bike gloves that alleviate the hand and finger numbness somewhat.

To carry our bikes we have a Hollywood brand bike carrier that easily fits into the 2” trailer receiver at the back of our Trail Blazer.

We have dozens of important waypoints programmed into our TomTom GPS navigator and last year we bought a Hero action outdoor weatherproof video camera for recording our rides.

Yes, I am geared up for the task at hand.

The night before a bike ride (almost every night) I make sure I don’t over eat and that I eat healthy which means no large quantities of either meat or bread, opting for rice and veggies. Chinese is good because it is most certainly all gone out of my system before the next morning’s ride. I put out my special bike clothes and get to bed as early as possible.

Most importantly, I get up early regardless of how poorly I slept or how I feel, I get dressed and get on that bike. There is no checking email or even looking at my desk. The current weather is not even an issue unless there is a monsoon occurring at the moment because I will ride in the rain. Not snowpack, but rain yes.

Prepare for success and you will succeed. Do nothing and you ARE PREPARING DILIBERATELY for failure.

We have an important midterm national election coming up here in The US of A. Anyone really happy with the last election and the current direction of our leader, need only turn out to vote for more of the same. Because most of the media is for the socialism and unconstitutional bushwhacking going on in the capitol and the rest of the country (excluding maybe Texas and Arizona).

But, those of us wanting to switch America’s tracks back to a constitutional republic for the sake of our God given rights of Liberty and Freedom need to “kick against the pricks”. We need to do the hard thing and buck the media by not allowing the lies to go forth freely around us. We need to use our voice and our vote to help America get set aright. We can’t live by default.

If the fat foodie lives by default instead of on purpose, we are just in for more of the same. We need to “kick against the pricks” of our internal laziness and do the hard thing. We need to prepare for success daily and hourly.

Anyone can do the easy thing. It’s the hard things that need preparation, execution and follow through.

Prepare for success and you WILL succeed.

See you after that next scale date.


Outdoor Grilling Tips

Leave Your Mark

Larger veggie pieces are easier to grill.

To brand attractive grill marks on meats and larger veggies, turn foods a quarter turn after a couple of minutes.

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What Have You Gotten Used to? Wouldn’t You Like to Try Something Different?

Sushi at Epcot Center, Florida


My cat’s name is MacDonald. He is a beautiful dark tiger, ring-striped, 14 year old. We’ve had him since kitten hood when we had a small farm in Tennessee and needed a mouser. We adopted him from the Rutherford County Humane Society.       

MacDonald has become the literal version of the proverbial finicky eater in his old age. We try different things to keep him happy and interested in whatever we place in front of him. We’ve tried changing the feeding schedule, changing the food type and different flavor varieties. It’s real obvious when we’ve done well, or at least when he is real interested in what’s on his food dish. It’s also pretty plain when he is not interested.       

When what is in front of him is ho-hum, he sometimes takes a bite before walking away towards his “crunchies”; the dish of dry cat food that is always present. But usually he just sniffs at it, and then looks up at us and says, “Meow”; a lot.       

When he is very interested in whatever can we’ve opened and dished out, he digs into it without even looking up to say, “meow”. He proceeds to finish it and then walks off somewhere to take a happy cat nap.       

But, there is another type of feeding characteristic that brings out the real animal. When I drop a thin piece of white chicken meat, or a chunk of tuna on his plate; the plate that usually carries wet, canned cat food, he quickly picks it up like it’s a real prize, and slinks a few feet away to drop it on his kitty rug that’s under the feeding area, and devours it hungrily. It’s the same attitude he displayed towards the mice and birds he used to catch. When it is the everyday good stuff to which he looks forward, like the salmon dinner or the seafood delight, he happily eats it as it gets plopped on his plate. But, when it’s real food, real chicken or real tuna, his choices are out the window and his fourteen years of being humanized as a pet are completely forgotten. It’s back to the real world for him. Back to survival of the fittest, the hunt is on, slinking through the tall grass towards his unsuspecting prize. Sinking his teeth into real food.       

Real food.       

Several weeks after I stopped several bad habits, I noticed that things that I had liked a little; fresh salmon, good sushi, cottage cheese, wheat toast, albacore and yellow fin tuna, chicken soup, eggs, started tasting even better. And, things that I was merely used to eating; comfort foods like Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza, the Whopper, The Big Mac, cheesecake, juicy steaks, became rather commonplace.       

Without Coke products burning my taste buds into submission, and without giant quantities of food messing with my pallet and digestive system, and without greasy foods slathering my tongue with salty slime, I was able to taste real food.       

When not hindered by overcooked, over processed and over salted foods, the taste buds are allowed to sample life again. Broccoli and asparagus are tasted for the first time like they were meant; crunching into the fresh, hot, steamy fibers give the mouth several things to enjoy; texture, before-during-and-after-tastes, smell. Fresh salmon that is cooked right almost melts in the mouth. There is a natural mild sweetness and faint nuances of smell and texture to delicate meats that are completely overlooked when over cooked and refined and mismatched with strong flavors and stronger drinks, like over sweetened ice tea or carbonated and syrupy soft drinks.       

A fresh, crunchy salad with romaine, green onions, avocado, and properly grilled chicken breast, lightly drizzled with a fresh tasting raspberry vinaigrette (just a tablespoon or less) explodes with way more flavor and texture than a mere pizza or burger.

Eggs Portabella with panchetta


Scrambled eggs with grilled portabella mushroom is more flavor than just about anything I’ve ever eaten.       

I have been missing this type of flavor most of my life. I have been shoving processed food down my gullet without knowing what it was that my mother and sisters were enjoying. Pretty much everything I eat now is enjoyed almost like it was the first time I ever sampled it.       

Even some of my old comfort foods taste way better than they used to. Except the fast food burgers. I really don’t want them anymore; the white bread that clogs up my intestines and takes over a day to clear out, soaked in burger grease and over salted artificial cheese food laughingly called American cheese, wrapped around flat excuses of meat which, if not for the salty grease would be completely without flavor.       

Something I noticed that I rather laughed about was McDonald’s (the restaurant) attempt at healthifying the burger. A burger wrap. The problem with that is that now, one is able to taste the meat for what it really is when not hidden behind all of that white bun. Am I wrong or is biting into that burger wrap like licking a cow’s salt lick? I did that once as a kid just to see what it was like. Yyyyuck! (Yes, the cows got to it first; double yuck).       

How does one compare a thick fillet of perfectly cooked salmon lightly scattered with fresh herbs and a little butter, with a hamburger? Or a fresh tomato steak with nothing but some salt and fresh ground black pepper, with a piece of pizza?       

Right now setting on the top shelf of our fridge is the rest of a very sweet cantaloupe. I can’t even describe how good it is. It is my chocolate. It’s like what butterscotch pudding used to be to me. I have to stop myself from eating the entire giant melon in one sitting because of what all of that fruit does to my insides.       

Real food is so good, I am finally imagining the true gift that God gave us when he started the cycle of life about 6,000 years ago in The Garden. Adam and Eve were so fortunate to be the first ones to taste of life so sweet without the many years of downgrading the food and experiences that God gave us.       



One has to wonder what a fresh orange tasted like in The Garden, before pesticides and agra-engineering.       

We are truly fortunate to live in America where so many varieties of cultures bring so much to the table. Corie and I really enjoyed Epcot Center a few years ago on a vacation that included The Bahamas, Florida’s beaches and the Orlando area.       

Epcot Center in the Disney Complex is basically the world’s largest food court, built outside surrounding a roundish lake. We walked around the lake sampling foods from Japan, Sweden, Italy, France, etc.       

I really want to go back now and re taste all of those international foods since I have cleansed my palate of the regular processed food menu. Disney hires authentic chefs and kitchen crews from each of their respective countries to work for a few years at Epcot in order to allow visitors to enjoy the authenticity of world food.       

What is it that you are putting in your mouth day after day that keeps your taste buds from experiencing true flavor?       

Viva la food!       

See you after that next scale date.

Outdoor Grilling Tips

Buy Great Tongs

Rolled Metel Tongs are a must have for outdoor grilling.

Look for long-handled, rolled steel, spring-loaded tongs. 

Long-handled to keep your easily singed arm hairs away from the heat, rolled steel so you can pick up a whole bird, and spring-loaded so you can easily grasp and move food around. 

Avoid the rubber tipped tongs. They are for cooking indoors with Teflon coated cook ware, or for handling fresh foods. 

Indoor tongs for Teflon cookware.

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Motivation is the Key

Motivation  Drive  Impetus  Spur  Impulse  Driving force  Reason  Motive  Purpose  Rationale  Incentive

These are the words that my Word software listed in the thesaurus tool for the word Motivation. Think about how each of these words relates to our effort to get healthiER. We are nothing if not the result of our daily decisions. For the foodie, it’s more like hourly decisions.  

Leftist Jane Fonda with the Vietnamese


A weirdo leftist movie starring Jane Fonda had a segment where she is explaining to a war general how not to conduct war. In it, she said, “It’s simple, general. When you get up in the morning you say to yourself, I am not going to kill anyone today. It seems to work for me, why don’t you try it?”  

Now, this is certainly no way to fight a war. When a foreign insurgent kills over 3,000 Americans on our own soil, and then runs and hides so they can do it again tomorrow, one does not expect the POTUS to get up the next morning and avoid his sworn duty to protect our borders by deciding not to kill anyone today. War usually involves killing. Killing is a good thing when someone has proven that they have the capability to point a nuke in your general direction by killing 3,000 of your fellow citizens all at once. Killing is a good thing when the one doing the dying is the guilty murderer and not your sister or mother or wife. Yes, I said killing is a good thing.  

Our country has been led down this weirdo Leftist philosophical road for many years. FDR was one of the earlier authors when he and his cabinet and the spineless congress handed us socialism in the form of the IRS and all of the statist tax funded programs in the name of helping the less fortunate. He legalized theft is what he did. For several years after 1933-1936 there were attempts to reverse his deeds but no one had the guts to commit political suicide by taking back all of those government/tax funded programs from the millions who were now living on everyone else’s money.  

The cat was out of the bag and there was no simple way to fix it. Every decade that we allow this socialist led destruction of our society makes it harder and harder to reverse the flow of momentum.  

But, the concept from Hanoi Jane is a good one. Getting up in the morning and deciding something deliberately gives one a much better chance of success than not.  

For what are you preparing yourself every morning? Are you still telling yourself nothing and just hoping that things work out? To hope for different results without changing direction is one of the definitions of insanity.  

“The rest of your life begins anew every morning.”

Tape something to your bathroom mirror that reminds you that today is different than the past several years. Too bad that “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” is so over used. But, it’s true. The rest of your life begins anew every morning. The things you tell yourself and the little, hourly decisions you make, color your future.  

What you are purposely doing to prepare yourself to be motivated deliberately, every morning, is more important than the actual type of food you put in your mouth.  

I said, What you are purposely doing to prepare yourself to be motivated deliberately, every morning, is more important than the actual type of food you put in your mouth.  

  • What is taped to your bathroom mirror?
  • What is taped on your fridge door?
  • What is stuck in the corner of your car’s rear view mirror or propped against the inside of your car’s back window written in reverse and facing your rear view mirror?
  • What is your cell phone’s ring tone?
  • With what does your voice mail answer?
  • What book are you currently reading at bed time?
  • What slogan is printed on your checks?
  • What are your icons online?
  • What is your avatar in Yahoo I.M.?
  • What is your new favorite food?
  • Are there even any veggies in your fridge’s crisper?
  • What fills your fridge’s “snack drawer?
  • Do you have your morning workout clothes laid out in the bathroom for tomorrow?
  • Where is your bike parked right now?
  • Have you made your default food shopping list?
  • Which is more important to you, watching that favorite TV show on Food Network, or walking for 12 minutes?
  • To what are you listening in your headphones when you exercise?
  • What is sitting in your CD player right now, music or a motivational disc?
  • To what magazines do you subscribe?
  • What do you look at online?
  • How do you spend your recreational cash? Is it on things that will enhance your ability to lose weight and live healthiER?

Yes, even your free time should be spent working on your new hobby, living healthiER. Here’s why. You are not 19 years old with your whole life in front of you. You are middle aged or approaching middle age or even older. If it took you twenty or thirty or fifty years to casually and gradually gain that extra 100 pounds wrapped around you like a lug of spoiled peaches, just how long do you plan on taking getting into good health so that you and your spouse can enjoy a normal life for a few years? You don’t have the luxury of merely turning around and walking back up the wrong road down which you so casually sauntered. YOU GOTTA’ RUN, man. RUN, RUN, RUN.  

You have a lot to do and a short time in which to do it. You have to live like a crazy person regarding your health. Other people get to have hobbies, TV time, the luxury to lounge around after work. Our hobbies get to be spending all the extra time we have buying back, or redeeming all of those moments we chose to eat too much and not exercise.  

Normal people were exercising (and liking it) when we were watching TV while sitting on the couch eating Doritos and donuts. If normal people, who are thin, were doing that five days a week multiplied by 12 minutes while we weren’t, then do the math.  

Just look at one year of wasted opportunities.  

1 year x 12 minutes/day = 52 hours. (260 days x 12 minutes/day = 52 hours)  

For every year you chose not to exercise deliberately you have 52 hours to make up. I shirked my physical responsibility for about 30 years. 30 x 52 = 1,560 hours that I need to make up, on top of the current 12 minutes daily that my current timeline requires.  

If I merely exercise 12 passive minutes a day (and like it), it will take me many years to get down to my 200lb goal. I am 52 years old. I don’t have many years. I figure that I can spend one solid year really getting after my health and I have the rest of my life to enjoy as a normal, thin person.  

Now, here’s the beauty of this math. You can throw out the 1,560 hours to catch up, and just add a few more minutes daily to the exercise, and my body will multiply the effort to shorten my payback time. It has to do with your body increasing the metabolism rate at which it burns food based on how much activity you daily execute. If you are burning fat and calories at a higher rate than you have been for 30 wasted years, your payback time is exponentially decreased.  

All you need then is MOTIVATION.  

You need to keep yourself on that 15-20 minute/day exercise regimen for about as long as it takes to start buying the size of clothes you need to be wearing for your height. Then, drop it down to about 12 minutes a day.  

I can see those wheels turning inside your fat head. “You mean, I have to exercise daily for the rest of my life?” If you haven’t figured out by now what two things you need to change in order to live healthiER and thereby change your shape from pear to hourglass, then you aren’t ready to change your shape.  

You not only need to learn how to make your body exercise daily, you need to completely adopt exercise as part of your new culture. You need sport stretchy clothes; you need to wear a biking hat even when you aren’t biking. You need to buy the car license plate frame that says “My other car is a Giant.”  

If people are used to seeing you walk around lazily with a cup of coffee in your chubby hand as you shuffle from cubicle to bathroom and back, they need to start seeing you trot around with a water bottle strapped to your little fanny pack as you rush outdoors to run around the building past your old smoking buddies during your 10 minute break. A crazy person, I said.  

Yep. Exercise is your new thing. Reboks and UnderArmor; that’s you. And, you’ll like it.  

By the way, UnderArmor sells 2X and 3X clothes. I know this personally. I am now solidly wearing 2X.  

You are all about health, clean living, walking, bike riding, volleyball, sailing (hey, sailing is hard work), taking the stairs, parking way out in the long weeds at Wal-mart so you can walk in. And liking it.  

Surround yourself with input that over rides the world’s attempt to make you eat more and be less active.  

See you after that next weigh date.  



Outdoor Grilling Tips

Tame the Fire; You can create three zones under your grill to control your cooking better. A hot zone for searing, a warm zone for cooking and a cold zone for safety and resting the meat or veggies. I have just switched from gas to charcoal. It still is possible to have these three zones, it just takes a little planning and more attention.  


Coals for searing, pan for indirect, and the corners for cool/resting

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RESOURCE UPDATE, August 16, 2010


Two new resource tools for healthiER livers (not your blood filtering organ, but liv-ers as in those of you who are striving to live healthiER).

I’ll be adding these to the top tool bar under a new button/link called RESOURCES

  • A web site offering a formalized bicycling weight loss program in book form by Selene Yeager for about $20.
  • Quit Digging Your Grave with a Knife and Fork by Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Published by Time Warner Books under the Center Street imprint. ISBN 0-446-57806-1

The bike training book is something that I am currently reviewing but seems right on the mark.

But, Mike Huckabee’s book I have read and am reading again. It is full of common sense, that’s-exactly-how-it-worked-for-me moments. This is nothing less than a strong motivational tool to keep you on track, written by a man who has been there and done that to the Nth degree. Don’t let his political position as sitting governor scare you off. He is a regular guy who needed to hire a writing staff to assemble his book. Great read if you are serious about living healthiER. Amazon Link to the book.

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How to Start Losing Weight Part II

Ride, walk or run. You choose.


Ride, Walk or Run; You Choose. 

Now that you have laid out your exercise clothes, let’s talk about what you will eat at your very next opportunity to eat healthiER. 

What you will eat is water or something cold and sweet with no calories in it. I switch between water and Lipton Green Tea with Citrus. Most overweight and unfit folks have several things in common which we need to stop doing. One of them is not drinking enough water. We need to stop that. Stop not drinking enough water. 

We can kill two birds with one stone by rolling out and sticking to this one rule. Whenever hungry or about to eat a meal, start with a glass of water. If it’s meal time, drink the water five or ten minutes before actually eating. This gives your digestive track time to replenish the needed digestive juices for handling the food you are about to ingest. Watering down stomach acids is not a good eating practice. You also should minimize drinking during the meal. 

Significant fluid volume resting in your stomach helps your digestive system to tell your brain that you are full. Drinking before eating gets that process started and greatly minimizes the affect that your hunger sensations have over the volume of food you eat. In case no one has ever told you this fact before, it takes several minutes for your brain to recognize that you have eaten enough and need to stop putting food down your pie hole. Why God designed us this way is not clear. My opinion is that it separates people into two easily identifiable groups; those with enough character to stay thin, and everybody else. 

If you were God and wanted your human creations to know which group was which, how would you do it? I’m just sayin’. 

Now that you have these two rules in front of you, go get a shampoo bottle and read the back of it under DIRECTIONS; there is a certain part where it says, “…repeat.” Do that. 

Drink instead of eating snacks, drink a few minutes before eating a meal, and exercise regularly 12 minutes daily. Then repeat. 

Go back and read the rest of my articles and you will learn a lot of stuff that complement these two rules. 

To bring you up to speed, I started this weight loss journey at around 350 pounds. I am an American male, age 52, about 6 feet. I should be weighing somewhere around 200 pounds which is on the heavy side of normal but would be OK if I were built like Charles Atlas. (For those of you under the age of 45, Google him. Otherwise, think Swarzenegger.) I currently weigh 281.4. 

300-281=69. This is how much weight I’ve lost; most of it this year. I decided to write about my journey to motivate me to stay with it. 

I used to think that going back to college while in my 40s was the hardest thing I did before I started to live healthiER. Then, I stopped doing several things wrong, started doing a few things right, and several months later, I have lost 69 pounds. 

You can too. 

See you after that next scale date

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How to Start Losing Weight Part I

One simple rule to losing weight; don’t wait.

Since living healthiER is a lifestyle decision and not some fad diet, the point at which you begin to lose weight depends on only two things; when you decide to start, and how much character you decide to display in your effort to live healthiER.

Living healthiER requires activity and healthiER food intake that replaces what you’re eating now, not in addition to.

All this being said, the time to begin is right now. What is stopping you from exercising right now? If you have a choice between doing it and scheduling it, choose doing over scheduling every time. Ride, walk or run; you choose.

If you can’t get out on your bike right now because it is 1:30 in the morning and you are afraid of the dark, then get up out of your computer chair right now and go lay out the clothes which you will wear tomorrow when you get up only 30 minutes earlier for your 12 minute ride, walk or run.

Yeah, 12 minutes. 1/5th of an hour. Go ahead and lay out those clothes and dust off your tennis shoes. I’ll wait.

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