We are out of town for the weekend to a couple’s retreat in Oregon, Illinois. Dinner cruise on the Rock R and all that. And, some of the work has picked up so my time is all of a sudden at a premium; thus a few days off from posting on HealthiER Living blog.

Stay sharp, eat what you like in smaller volume, pick up your physical workouts to make up for me being gone (oh great, now there’s THAT pressure). See you next week.

The weather is finally at parody in Chicagoland. If it is nicer out where you live, grill out every night.

For Gia, grill out on the boat.

For Christal, stay in doors and enjoy the peaches. Slice them up in a bowl, cover them with a paper towel and stick them in the fridge for an hour.

For Mom and Dad, do whatever it is you have been doing. You guys look FffaaAAbulous.

For Deb, stay with it. You’ve come so far, you’re doing great!

For Mario and April, hope to see you at Trader Joe’s by accident soon.

For Bex, the same.

For all you Democrats that got fooled by me when I announced for weeks that you all vote today (Wednesday) and Republicans had to vote first in their primaries on Tuesday, no apologies. Gullible is as gullible does.

For all you Republicans who turned out in record numbers yesterday for your respective congressional primaries because you are willing to do something about the mess we’re in, congrats for turning out so many incumbant Democrats and even a few Republican Rhinos.



About Stu Lite

Media Designer since 1977. Video Producer of commerce, instruction, church and outdoor. Photographer, writer, print designer, marketing guru and voice over artist. Has worked on projects for Mario Batali's Chicago Brick Oven, Midwest Christian Boys' Football Camp, Chicago Arch Diocese and numerous radio and TV stations on west coast and in Chicago area market. Born and raised in Medford, Oregon. Graduated from Medford Senior High School in 1976. Attended Southern Oregon State College for Law Enforcement, Middle Tennessee State University for Computer Sciences, Hyles-Anderson College for Bible Literature and earned a BFA degree in Multimedia/Web Design from Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago Art Institute. "It was never my goal to become a Jack of all trades. My advice to normal people is to allow your mentors like parents to help you choose your path. Then stay on that path. You will be a happier and more productive individual. One God, one spouse, one profession, many children; a good plan for life."
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3 Responses to Rec-re-ate

  1. jimeee says:

    Are you going to retreat from being a couple or what???

  2. Stu Lite says:

    I didn’t even have to look to see who this was from.

    No no. The couple gets to retreat from standard, day to day busy living in order to just enjoy each other’s company for a couple of days.
    Someone paid our way to this.

  3. giovana says:

    Hope your retreat was most enjoyable!! That is such an important reward, getting away from it all.

    Grill out on the boat? Yeah, we have this really great grilling thing. But we don’t know how to use it yet…

    and learning how to use it is waaaaayyyyy down on the list of important things to learn. But we’ll remember not to forget your advice…

    we did figure out how to rig up a really cool window air unit (it’s still in the 90’s at night here) and got to sleep on the boat, in the slip, last weekend. That was cool.

    Be blessed.

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