Header Photos

Header photos

The first photo on the left is of two young ladies who ride horses. The one in back is a good friend of mine and a passive business partner, Mary. I took the photo for a brochure I was designing for the Cook County Human Society. Mary is married to Tony, a professional trainer and “animal cop” (his words) from the Chicago area and is also a very good friend of mine. I count him as my main trainer even though we rarely see each other due to our busy schedules.

The above link is to a map image of one of Tony’s “Why”s to keep him motivated to stay in shape. It is a giant letter “Y” on the side of a mountain in the Uinta National Forest outside of Provo, Utah, just east of Brigham Young University. Tony has run up that trail a few times early in the morning before some business meetings we attended.

In Mary’s younger years, she was very slim and worked in fast food. She told me once that she was so thin that some of her co-workers hazed her once by passing her out of the drive-through window. She has been battling the weight war for a few years and knows what it’s like to sacrifice in order to reach important goals.

The second photo is of a sailboat in Door County, Wisconsin. We vacationed there once on a short, 3-day getaway earlier this year and plan on going back. The area is adding tourism to its plethora of industries which include shipping (it’s part of the Green Bay shipping industry), cherry growing, fishing and art. The entire area really is a great example of healthy living, as far as outdoor activities go. A great outdoor fitter store called Path and Paddle is in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. We met and talked with the owner as well as spent some cash in her great store. One can rent or buy bicycles, hiking gear and the like.

The third photo is of my best friend and wife Corie on one of our many bike excursions; this one on the I&M Canal Tow Path between Morris and Channahon, Illinois. We have ridden a fast 20 miles a few times on a Saturday, but usually only go about ten miles at a time. Corie is one of my heroes (heroines) as she had back surgery in 2004 and has recovered enough to ride a bike with limited activity.

The fourth photo is of my sister and brother-in-law April and Mario Cuozzo, of the Chicago area. Mario is a professor at Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, Indiana and the music director at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. April is a self taught nutritionist as she battled diabetes naturally. She has never had insulin but eats very healthy food, bordering on vegetarianism.

The last photo on the right is of one of my favorite salads, the albacore tuna and grape tomato salad with romaine and raspberry vinaigrette.


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