RESOURCE UPDATE, August 16, 2010


Two new resource tools for healthiER livers (not your blood filtering organ, but liv-ers as in those of you who are striving to live healthiER).

I’ll be adding these to the top tool bar under a new button/link called RESOURCES

  • A web site offering a formalized bicycling weight loss program in book form by Selene Yeager for about $20.
  • Quit Digging Your Grave with a Knife and Fork by Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Published by Time Warner Books under the Center Street imprint. ISBN 0-446-57806-1

The bike training book is something that I am currently reviewing but seems right on the mark.

But, Mike Huckabee’s book I have read and am reading again. It is full of common sense, that’s-exactly-how-it-worked-for-me moments. This is nothing less than a strong motivational tool to keep you on track, written by a man who has been there and done that to the Nth degree. Don’t let his political position as sitting governor scare you off. He is a regular guy who needed to hire a writing staff to assemble his book. Great read if you are serious about living healthiER. Amazon Link to the book.


About Stu Lite

Media Designer since 1977. Video Producer of commerce, instruction, church and outdoor. Photographer, writer, print designer, marketing guru and voice over artist. Has worked on projects for Mario Batali's Chicago Brick Oven, Midwest Christian Boys' Football Camp, Chicago Arch Diocese and numerous radio and TV stations on west coast and in Chicago area market. Born and raised in Medford, Oregon. Graduated from Medford Senior High School in 1976. Attended Southern Oregon State College for Law Enforcement, Middle Tennessee State University for Computer Sciences, Hyles-Anderson College for Bible Literature and earned a BFA degree in Multimedia/Web Design from Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago Art Institute. "It was never my goal to become a Jack of all trades. My advice to normal people is to allow your mentors like parents to help you choose your path. Then stay on that path. You will be a happier and more productive individual. One God, one spouse, one profession, many children; a good plan for life."
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