Motivation is the Key

Motivation  Drive  Impetus  Spur  Impulse  Driving force  Reason  Motive  Purpose  Rationale  Incentive

These are the words that my Word software listed in the thesaurus tool for the word Motivation. Think about how each of these words relates to our effort to get healthiER. We are nothing if not the result of our daily decisions. For the foodie, it’s more like hourly decisions.  

Leftist Jane Fonda with the Vietnamese


A weirdo leftist movie starring Jane Fonda had a segment where she is explaining to a war general how not to conduct war. In it, she said, “It’s simple, general. When you get up in the morning you say to yourself, I am not going to kill anyone today. It seems to work for me, why don’t you try it?”  

Now, this is certainly no way to fight a war. When a foreign insurgent kills over 3,000 Americans on our own soil, and then runs and hides so they can do it again tomorrow, one does not expect the POTUS to get up the next morning and avoid his sworn duty to protect our borders by deciding not to kill anyone today. War usually involves killing. Killing is a good thing when someone has proven that they have the capability to point a nuke in your general direction by killing 3,000 of your fellow citizens all at once. Killing is a good thing when the one doing the dying is the guilty murderer and not your sister or mother or wife. Yes, I said killing is a good thing.  

Our country has been led down this weirdo Leftist philosophical road for many years. FDR was one of the earlier authors when he and his cabinet and the spineless congress handed us socialism in the form of the IRS and all of the statist tax funded programs in the name of helping the less fortunate. He legalized theft is what he did. For several years after 1933-1936 there were attempts to reverse his deeds but no one had the guts to commit political suicide by taking back all of those government/tax funded programs from the millions who were now living on everyone else’s money.  

The cat was out of the bag and there was no simple way to fix it. Every decade that we allow this socialist led destruction of our society makes it harder and harder to reverse the flow of momentum.  

But, the concept from Hanoi Jane is a good one. Getting up in the morning and deciding something deliberately gives one a much better chance of success than not.  

For what are you preparing yourself every morning? Are you still telling yourself nothing and just hoping that things work out? To hope for different results without changing direction is one of the definitions of insanity.  

“The rest of your life begins anew every morning.”

Tape something to your bathroom mirror that reminds you that today is different than the past several years. Too bad that “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” is so over used. But, it’s true. The rest of your life begins anew every morning. The things you tell yourself and the little, hourly decisions you make, color your future.  

What you are purposely doing to prepare yourself to be motivated deliberately, every morning, is more important than the actual type of food you put in your mouth.  

I said, What you are purposely doing to prepare yourself to be motivated deliberately, every morning, is more important than the actual type of food you put in your mouth.  

  • What is taped to your bathroom mirror?
  • What is taped on your fridge door?
  • What is stuck in the corner of your car’s rear view mirror or propped against the inside of your car’s back window written in reverse and facing your rear view mirror?
  • What is your cell phone’s ring tone?
  • With what does your voice mail answer?
  • What book are you currently reading at bed time?
  • What slogan is printed on your checks?
  • What are your icons online?
  • What is your avatar in Yahoo I.M.?
  • What is your new favorite food?
  • Are there even any veggies in your fridge’s crisper?
  • What fills your fridge’s “snack drawer?
  • Do you have your morning workout clothes laid out in the bathroom for tomorrow?
  • Where is your bike parked right now?
  • Have you made your default food shopping list?
  • Which is more important to you, watching that favorite TV show on Food Network, or walking for 12 minutes?
  • To what are you listening in your headphones when you exercise?
  • What is sitting in your CD player right now, music or a motivational disc?
  • To what magazines do you subscribe?
  • What do you look at online?
  • How do you spend your recreational cash? Is it on things that will enhance your ability to lose weight and live healthiER?

Yes, even your free time should be spent working on your new hobby, living healthiER. Here’s why. You are not 19 years old with your whole life in front of you. You are middle aged or approaching middle age or even older. If it took you twenty or thirty or fifty years to casually and gradually gain that extra 100 pounds wrapped around you like a lug of spoiled peaches, just how long do you plan on taking getting into good health so that you and your spouse can enjoy a normal life for a few years? You don’t have the luxury of merely turning around and walking back up the wrong road down which you so casually sauntered. YOU GOTTA’ RUN, man. RUN, RUN, RUN.  

You have a lot to do and a short time in which to do it. You have to live like a crazy person regarding your health. Other people get to have hobbies, TV time, the luxury to lounge around after work. Our hobbies get to be spending all the extra time we have buying back, or redeeming all of those moments we chose to eat too much and not exercise.  

Normal people were exercising (and liking it) when we were watching TV while sitting on the couch eating Doritos and donuts. If normal people, who are thin, were doing that five days a week multiplied by 12 minutes while we weren’t, then do the math.  

Just look at one year of wasted opportunities.  

1 year x 12 minutes/day = 52 hours. (260 days x 12 minutes/day = 52 hours)  

For every year you chose not to exercise deliberately you have 52 hours to make up. I shirked my physical responsibility for about 30 years. 30 x 52 = 1,560 hours that I need to make up, on top of the current 12 minutes daily that my current timeline requires.  

If I merely exercise 12 passive minutes a day (and like it), it will take me many years to get down to my 200lb goal. I am 52 years old. I don’t have many years. I figure that I can spend one solid year really getting after my health and I have the rest of my life to enjoy as a normal, thin person.  

Now, here’s the beauty of this math. You can throw out the 1,560 hours to catch up, and just add a few more minutes daily to the exercise, and my body will multiply the effort to shorten my payback time. It has to do with your body increasing the metabolism rate at which it burns food based on how much activity you daily execute. If you are burning fat and calories at a higher rate than you have been for 30 wasted years, your payback time is exponentially decreased.  

All you need then is MOTIVATION.  

You need to keep yourself on that 15-20 minute/day exercise regimen for about as long as it takes to start buying the size of clothes you need to be wearing for your height. Then, drop it down to about 12 minutes a day.  

I can see those wheels turning inside your fat head. “You mean, I have to exercise daily for the rest of my life?” If you haven’t figured out by now what two things you need to change in order to live healthiER and thereby change your shape from pear to hourglass, then you aren’t ready to change your shape.  

You not only need to learn how to make your body exercise daily, you need to completely adopt exercise as part of your new culture. You need sport stretchy clothes; you need to wear a biking hat even when you aren’t biking. You need to buy the car license plate frame that says “My other car is a Giant.”  

If people are used to seeing you walk around lazily with a cup of coffee in your chubby hand as you shuffle from cubicle to bathroom and back, they need to start seeing you trot around with a water bottle strapped to your little fanny pack as you rush outdoors to run around the building past your old smoking buddies during your 10 minute break. A crazy person, I said.  

Yep. Exercise is your new thing. Reboks and UnderArmor; that’s you. And, you’ll like it.  

By the way, UnderArmor sells 2X and 3X clothes. I know this personally. I am now solidly wearing 2X.  

You are all about health, clean living, walking, bike riding, volleyball, sailing (hey, sailing is hard work), taking the stairs, parking way out in the long weeds at Wal-mart so you can walk in. And liking it.  

Surround yourself with input that over rides the world’s attempt to make you eat more and be less active.  

See you after that next weigh date.  



Outdoor Grilling Tips

Tame the Fire; You can create three zones under your grill to control your cooking better. A hot zone for searing, a warm zone for cooking and a cold zone for safety and resting the meat or veggies. I have just switched from gas to charcoal. It still is possible to have these three zones, it just takes a little planning and more attention.  


Coals for searing, pan for indirect, and the corners for cool/resting


About Stu Lite

Media Designer since 1977. Video Producer of commerce, instruction, church and outdoor. Photographer, writer, print designer, marketing guru and voice over artist. Has worked on projects for Mario Batali's Chicago Brick Oven, Midwest Christian Boys' Football Camp, Chicago Arch Diocese and numerous radio and TV stations on west coast and in Chicago area market. Born and raised in Medford, Oregon. Graduated from Medford Senior High School in 1976. Attended Southern Oregon State College for Law Enforcement, Middle Tennessee State University for Computer Sciences, Hyles-Anderson College for Bible Literature and earned a BFA degree in Multimedia/Web Design from Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago Art Institute. "It was never my goal to become a Jack of all trades. My advice to normal people is to allow your mentors like parents to help you choose your path. Then stay on that path. You will be a happier and more productive individual. One God, one spouse, one profession, many children; a good plan for life."
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