How to Start Losing Weight Part II

Ride, walk or run. You choose.


Ride, Walk or Run; You Choose. 

Now that you have laid out your exercise clothes, let’s talk about what you will eat at your very next opportunity to eat healthiER. 

What you will eat is water or something cold and sweet with no calories in it. I switch between water and Lipton Green Tea with Citrus. Most overweight and unfit folks have several things in common which we need to stop doing. One of them is not drinking enough water. We need to stop that. Stop not drinking enough water. 

We can kill two birds with one stone by rolling out and sticking to this one rule. Whenever hungry or about to eat a meal, start with a glass of water. If it’s meal time, drink the water five or ten minutes before actually eating. This gives your digestive track time to replenish the needed digestive juices for handling the food you are about to ingest. Watering down stomach acids is not a good eating practice. You also should minimize drinking during the meal. 

Significant fluid volume resting in your stomach helps your digestive system to tell your brain that you are full. Drinking before eating gets that process started and greatly minimizes the affect that your hunger sensations have over the volume of food you eat. In case no one has ever told you this fact before, it takes several minutes for your brain to recognize that you have eaten enough and need to stop putting food down your pie hole. Why God designed us this way is not clear. My opinion is that it separates people into two easily identifiable groups; those with enough character to stay thin, and everybody else. 

If you were God and wanted your human creations to know which group was which, how would you do it? I’m just sayin’. 

Now that you have these two rules in front of you, go get a shampoo bottle and read the back of it under DIRECTIONS; there is a certain part where it says, “…repeat.” Do that. 

Drink instead of eating snacks, drink a few minutes before eating a meal, and exercise regularly 12 minutes daily. Then repeat. 

Go back and read the rest of my articles and you will learn a lot of stuff that complement these two rules. 

To bring you up to speed, I started this weight loss journey at around 350 pounds. I am an American male, age 52, about 6 feet. I should be weighing somewhere around 200 pounds which is on the heavy side of normal but would be OK if I were built like Charles Atlas. (For those of you under the age of 45, Google him. Otherwise, think Swarzenegger.) I currently weigh 281.4. 

300-281=69. This is how much weight I’ve lost; most of it this year. I decided to write about my journey to motivate me to stay with it. 

I used to think that going back to college while in my 40s was the hardest thing I did before I started to live healthiER. Then, I stopped doing several things wrong, started doing a few things right, and several months later, I have lost 69 pounds. 

You can too. 

See you after that next scale date


About Stu Lite

Media Designer since 1977. Video Producer of commerce, instruction, church and outdoor. Photographer, writer, print designer, marketing guru and voice over artist. Has worked on projects for Mario Batali's Chicago Brick Oven, Midwest Christian Boys' Football Camp, Chicago Arch Diocese and numerous radio and TV stations on west coast and in Chicago area market. Born and raised in Medford, Oregon. Graduated from Medford Senior High School in 1976. Attended Southern Oregon State College for Law Enforcement, Middle Tennessee State University for Computer Sciences, Hyles-Anderson College for Bible Literature and earned a BFA degree in Multimedia/Web Design from Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago Art Institute. "It was never my goal to become a Jack of all trades. My advice to normal people is to allow your mentors like parents to help you choose your path. Then stay on that path. You will be a happier and more productive individual. One God, one spouse, one profession, many children; a good plan for life."
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