In the beginning, there was food; and lots of it. These are the voyages of Stuship, Thinnerprise      

Stu Marks not living healthiER eating practices. Just bike riding. A BEFORE pic. Sept 2007  

Mixing the words of Christ and those of a script writer for a Gene Roddenberry TV series may not be kosher, but authoring one’s own blog does have its perks.
Opening statements of blogs are a lot like an opening statement in a trial. One only gets a single opportunity to catch the jury/audience’s attention early, and then the trial begins and it’s game on.
Fortunately for me, the only trial exists in my mind, but the results in life are real. On trial is my ability to convince myself that I can and will maintain a healthiER living lifestyle that will result in me reaching my goal weight of 200 lbs (or less). Maintaining that AFTER reaching it may be the hardest thing I’ll ever do, but I can’t write about that now because I only write about things of which I know.
A word about the title of this blog, HealthiER Living.
 My mother, Virginia E, became what used to be called a Health Nut when we children were young. I was still in short pants at the time. Consequently, both of my sisters, April Cuozzo and Christal Burch, as well as my niece, Becky Kielas, April’s oldest, are currently living the healthy eating lifestyle to the extent that organic (real organic, not the pop culture stuff), health food, fruits and vegetables, lots of water, and daily exercise are not just things about which one writes, but are actually lived day in and day out, day after day. Comfort food for Mom, Christal, April and “Bex” wouldn’t be roasted turkey accompanied by whipped mashed potatoes and brown gravy. It would likelier be a plate of organic lettuce, shredded carrots, some sprouts and a natural dressing in small measure topped with raisins. Pizza might still be in their vocabulary, but their pizza isn’t like normal pizza. Broccoli replaces sausage and there isn’t any white processed flour in the crust, nor any mozzarella. Also, they walk a lot. The morning walk, the afternoon walk, the after dinner walk, the weekend walk, the baby in the stroller walk (Bex walking Sir Isaac). Walking used to be an American way of life, like it still is in Europe. And it is still a way of life for most healthy folks. That would be for folks who can walk for several minutes at a time.
 My dilemma. I am a normal person, not a health nut. My comfort food for most of my life has been a Whopper with bacon or a pizza with sausage, green peppers and onions. Breakfast has consisted of my own hand frying three eggs over easy that top the hash browns, green onions and grilled peppers with sides of sausage or bacon, and two sour dough slices toasted with butter.
 Being normal has landed me with high blood pressure and almost 150 extra pounds wrapped all over my body like the ugly flab of a barely alive carcass that it is. I have also destroyed my knees and back carrying around this disproportionate amount of spare insulation. So, at the age of 51, I don’t have the luxury of walking on a regular basis.
 Like many Americans who have abused their bodies, I am grossly overweight (150 lbs over weight does almost as much damage to a human heart as 400 lbs over weight. It’s just a slower death), can’t walk or exercise normally without severe pain, have cared for and watched older family members die from diabetes, over eating and inactivity and want very much to change my obvious future.
 Healthy eating is an ever-changing absolute. Laying aside the obvious oxymoron of an “ever changing absolute”, suffice it to say that the ultimate plateau of healthy eating might not be an attainable goal for me and many Americans who are under the influence of current and real food addictions. My addiction to food may not be a clinically ascertained conditioned, but it needs a triage session, and real treatment none the less if I am to live long enough to see grand children graduate from high school and meet the right one, let alone maintain a happy marriage very much longer. So, gearing up to climb the mountain in one day may be more than I can handle but, at least I can look at my compass, see the direction I need to go, and take one step.      

Anyone can take one step. The person that needs to lose 50 pounds, and that one that needs to lose 200 can both usually take one step.      

So, what do we do? Let’s diet.
 I’ve been there and done that. I have the coffee mug, the t-shirt, the autographed poster, the key chain and the tie collection. I also have the $400 technical arm band that came with the $30/month personal trainer web site, cupboards full of supplements and shakes, and several square feet of garage, basement and living room taken up with expensive coat hangers formally shipped as training and exercise equipment. To me, dieting is nothing more than the first small hump on the World’s Largest Roller Coaster. No, dieting is not the answer. But, to expect to arrive at a destination, without going down the road that leads to its address might be considered one of the descriptions of “Insanity”. We gott’a do something. So, instead of attempting to attain Healthy Living today, let’s just try to be healthiER today.   

I wanted to call this Baby Steps. But that has been so over used to describe and title incremental living, that I needed to somewhat coin a new phrase. Thus the HealthiER Living.     

“I’ve always known that there is a better way, and I have discovered it. It is finding today’s strength of will to make my body fulfill my desires.”      

So, instead of dieting, let’s find out what we can do today to make a difference for tomorrow or the next day. We’ve been eating wrong for decades, so seeing a difference might take longer than just over night. My magic trick that works for me depends largely on finding something different that I can do for a long time. If I don’t stay with it, it won’t work. Making a global shift in several areas of my life all at once is the stuff of fiction and fat farms. Fiction is not real and fat farms are both too expensive and also don’t happen to work for the general population of which I am a member in long standing.
 I’ve always known that there is a better way, and I have discovered it. It is finding today’s strength of will to make my body fulfill my desires. If your desire is to be healthier tomorrow, then you must eat and live like that, today. On my journey down to 200 lbs, I have gone from an ultimate top weight of almost 350 lbs down to my current weight of 288 by wanting Thinner, more than This Food that is in Front of me Right Now. Simple? Yes. Easy? Not in this reality.
 But, why write about it? Why all of the effort to clickety-clack on the keyboard these thoughts I have about what I’ve learned to be real truths? Three reasons.
#1. I have Teach in me.
#2. There is so much commercialism driving weight loss advertising that we who are literally dying for answers need real, tested information from folks who don’t have a vested interest in our success. In other words, I see a need and I see that I am one who can fill it. Not THE one, just one of the millions who are over weight, finding some success, and have the ability to articulate the difference between what works for me and what didn’t.
#3. It keeps me motivated to make that next step onto the scale a success, day after day, week after week. If I tell the world that I am going to do something, and I fail to do it, I haven’t only let down myself, but I have let down all of those who are watching my journey and may also be on the same path.
In the coming weeks, I will be reporting on my status as well as sharing what has worked for me. I will open the blog for discussion, question and answer and posts from outside my brain so that this can become a broader view, not just mine. “In the multitude of counselors, there is safety.” Proverbs 24:6.   

PLEASE feel free to comment. If anyone posts something inappropriate, I will edit it as soon as I see it.

My Profile. If you click on my public name at the top of the right hand column as author, this is what you will find:

Media Designer since 1977. Video Producer of commerce, instruction, church and outdoor. Photographer, writer, print designer, marketing guru and voice over artist. Has worked on projects for Mario Batali’s Chicago Brick Oven, Midwest Christian Boys’ Football Camp, Chicago Arch Diocese and numerous radio and TV stations on west coast and in Chicago area market. Born and raised in Medford, Oregon. Graduated from Medford Senior High School in 1976. Attended Southern Oregon State College for Law Enforcement, Middle Tennessee State University for Computer Sciences, Hyles-Anderson College for Bible Literature and earned a BFA degree in Multimedia/Web Design from Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago Art Institute. It was never my goal to become a Jack of all trades. My advice to normal people is to allow your mentors like parents to help you choose your path. Then stay on that path. You will be a happier and more productive individual. One God, one spouse, one profession, many children; a good plan for life.

Posted early 2010.


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